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Janice’s Story:

“Life is a journey coming up in a Christian home there was always expectations to be the best , to be good. faultless always judged from the outside viewers by what our parents represented. Coming up with a tribe of six you look to see where you fit in. Comparison was always a biggie never felt good enough, pretty enough, smart enough , or special enough.
I walked a lot of dark paths and made a lot of wrong choices on my journey to find me. I always wanted my family and children to be proud of me but I realized I was my biggest enemy.
What the enemy had planned for me was a lie. It was not until I met Jesus that I realized I was not in competition ,did not have to prove anything to anyone to be accepted. He taught me how to love myself, he showed me unconditional love and he freed me from the demons that tormented my soul.
Now I do my best, love my best, am quick to forgive and continue to be on a journey to please God and not people. I realize that I'm only in competition with myself thanks Nee for this movement of empowerment to help us be free. This is not just a Tshirt it's a movement me vs me."
Peter's Story:
"I am including myself in my cousin's MeVsMe campaign. Although I have very few things in my life that have held be back, I have always lived like my father told me. "If you hit a wall, climb over it" I find now that I just have to get over being old and that the world, my community, my family and friends will support me to keep on dreaming and climbing til I can't. <3 After all, I was born in NY - "Excelsior" [Ever Upward] Thanks Neci!”
Rosalind's Story:
When I really started to embrace who I am destined to be, everything I have been through, are going through and will go through, or experience starts to make perfect sense!

I had to experience rejection, I had to have more then a few losses, I had to go through many different seasons in life both highs and lows, from low self-esteem, seft doubt, the death of both my parents with in months of each other, a low bag and much more, but these experience and God helped to develop and shape me into the Wife,Mother,friend and Women I am today.

I will and have embrace this season of my life with gratitude.. So very thankful and humble by Gods Love for me!! So in this season and every season of my life it's Me VS Me!!!

Thank you Roneece Neci Walker for this very needed movement ♥️‼️"
Amber's Story:
“Hey y’all! My girl Neci Walker has a movement called Me Vs Me which is a perfect way to describe what is holding some of us back from achieving our dreams. It’s YOU! Nobody else! As her tshirt says “I’m only in competition with myself”

For me, growing up in the hood, I always had big dreams but got sidetracked when I became a mom at 18. Chyyyy it won’t easy suppressing my goals but remember it’s not a race it’s a marathon. There is NO AGE LIMIT on dreams so here I am at 40 living out one of mine which was to become an actress. Yeah I’m sometimes the oldest one in the room but guess what? I’M IN THE ROOM! Nobody knows I took 20 years off, worked dead end jobs, my dad passed away, had to help my family financially and my daughter’s father was in/out of jail for damn near her whole life so I raised her practically by myself. So when you see me in a movie or tv show or just out here living my best life, I earned it lawd lol!

Stop living vicariously through someone else and try it for yourself. You might actually love it and if you don’t at least you tried 😉 Never say I “should’ve” or “could’ve” when you CAN! It’s #mevsme baby! Get a tshirt and tell your story ❤️”
Arielle’s story:

“There are very few people who actually ‘get me’ and my big sis Neci is definitely one of them. Every time she sits in my chair, there’s nothing but genuine love and gems (and jokes for days 😭)…so it’s only right that I support her movement !

The old ME was shy, indecisive, and constantly trying to figure out what (and who) made her happy. She was living life the way she had been told...go to college, get a good job, and the list goes on, yet still felt like she was going nowhere fast. She was afraid to take risks, set standards, and go for what she wanted.

The new ME finally realized that she didn’t have to experience life the way she had been told. She let go of those toxic relationships, including her marriage. She promised herself better and never looked back. She found her passion and purpose along the way and is helping others do the same. She knows exactly what she wants and is coming for everything she deserves and more!

The only person you’ll ever catch me comparing myself to is the woman I was in the past 🖤
#mevsme #themovement “